Do you want to help H keep traveling?!?

26 Mar

Hello all!

It’s been a while, and maybe i should feel guilty about that. But during that time away i was deathly ill at times, exploring Ecuador and Peru as a solo traveler, and coming to terms with some serious personality quirks. So it probably wasn’t going to be interesting posting anyways.

But this isn’t a return to posting. You see, I have left Latin America and traded in my intense traveler 1.75 year chip for a place back at home in the states. Instead I am writing to ask you all a favor.

You see, H is still living down there, suffering interesting life twists that go beyond inconsistent electricity and the regular life-in-Latin-America drama. She has bott flies exploding out of her shoulder, people. She has been attacked by beetles from the outside of her mosquito net, which caused her hand to swell to three times its natural size. She is loosing blackened toenails. She has strange stomach issues at random times…

Why in the world would someone put up with that nonsense? I find myself asking. But she’s got this awesome thing going, and they are trying to raise some more funding to make this ridiculous existence she is suffering worth it. So while I may be too selfish to understand the level of self-punishment she is reveling in down there, I can see that if it is all to see an outcome other than some crazy nasty scars I should try to help out a bit.

Here’s the link to Forest for A Living funding page. They are going to some seriously rural communities in the jungle of Ecuador, giving them the opportunity to create a sustainable living for themselves, brokering a deal with organic chocolate business in Europe, and then in payment asking for the rights to the primary rainforest to be held in a trust. Good stuff, no?

This is some seriously tough work, my people. So if you can give anything (it is tax season after all!) or help spread the word I’m sure she would appreciate it. Let’s give her something more than those nasty exploding pustules of baby flies to look forward to in the next few months!!!

Thanks, y’all. Big hugs (and from me, many of you know that’s quite a thank you. I would actually hug you if you help us out here, really!)!


1.5 year anniversary = a week in Peru, Part 2

12 Oct

In order to get this published and also due to the fact my year-old memory is pretty fuzzy, I’m just going to do this Part 2 in photos. And I don’t have many. Sorry!

After we left Lima we spent what little time we had left bouncing by a few of my highlights on the way south to Cuzco. We went up into the mountains first to visit Ayacucho where we went on a search for the elusive vicuna. We found them and a couple of guys super confused as to why we got off a bus in the middle of nowhere to look at a purple river from afar.

Then we visited Huacachina to climb sand dunes and look at a green lake while crazy sand boogies raced around pretty dangerously.

Green lake at sunset


And lastly we stopped in Nazca to view some impressive native trails and patterns. Seriously. That place is awesomely weird. Stop by some time.

Then H left to go back to work, and I shuttled on to meet my good friend in Cuzco to hike some Machu Pichu!!!


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